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About Us

We train Women of Color to be Bold, Bankable and Balanced so they can take care of their Business.

Why You Should Join Us

With over 4,000,000 Black and Brown women following us on social media, our members use strategies to secure their life, reduce their stress and make life-long friends and trusted business partners.

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Build an Empire in 12 Months

SECRET #1:  Receive personal finance and business advice to get you to the next level quickly.

SECRET #2: Attend two Master Classes every month to provide you with invaluable direction and guidance.

SECRET #3: Build life-long, trustworthy relationships within our vast global membership.

Finally, Peace of Mind

BWE's Master Classes provide women with the tools, engagement, and network for their personal and professional needs to be met.

The results are a healthier lifestyle, better relationships, more money, improved confidence and most importantly... peace of mind!

No more sleepless nights.  No more stress.  No more worry.

Make This Your Break Out Year

Break Out in 2021

Many women in their 30s, 40s and 50s are re-discovering themselves through associating with other BWE Women.

Wake Up Without Stress

82% of minority women reported they have learned to live with stress.  At BWE, we believe our resources can help eliminate stress.

Live Emotionally Free

Sometimes after a difficult break up or financial crisis, finding a reason to laugh again can be painful.  Trust us, you will laugh often through BWE.

Look At What You Get...


  • Access to 2 Master Classes every month - Empowerment from leading experts on issues important to black women will give you the edge you need in life.
  • One eBook every month on a topic relative to women's issues - Practical wisdom and useable knowledge will help you communicate better and improve your professional skills.
  • Fully engage with our experts - New relationships to take you where you need to be quicker, smarter and wiser.
  • Personal finance and business information - Master your financial management skills to make more money and leave a greater legacy.
  • Promote your brand and business through our vast network - If you have a business that needs marketing, we can help.
  • Access to BWE’s members-only private group - Use your new BWE tools and skills to share your feelings, struggles and successes in our private groups. Each group is organized according to your interest. Bless someone else while being blessed!


  1. The Pandemic hit minority women the hardest forcing them back to work early. 
  2. For every dollar a white person makes, black women only make 51 cents. 
  3.  80% of black women are their family's breadwinners.


"The relationships I've been able to kleen from have been a life-changing experience.  And, I'm on my 8th stream of income thanks to BWE." Monique, Los Angeles, CA

"I've been following BWE on social media (along with 4 million other people).  But to now be a BWE member and receive the monthly resources is just what my business and family needs right now." Katlin, Memphis, TN

What if your influence went global in 2021?

Meet Dr. Jacqueline King, CEO & Founder of BWE

  • 35+ years of serving women issues
  • Built social media impact to over 4,000,000 followers.


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